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Welcome To Bass Unlimited of Toledo, Ohio


Bass unlimited was formed in 1979 by a local group of bass fishermen. Its mission was to create a friendly yet competitive fishing club, where one could develop new friendships with other fishermen while learning new fishing techniques from each other. Many things have changed over these 30 plus years, and members have come and gone, but our goal of having a friendly and fun club has stayed the same.


Bass Unlimited fishes a vast variety of lakes, from Lake Erie to the small inland lakes of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Each year the club fishes an 8-10 tournament schedule, with prizes and awards given out at the end of each year.


If you have been looking for a competitive yet friendly club, drop us a line. We are always looking for new members, with a boat or without. To learn more about us, take a look at our membership and tournament rules.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Tom McCartney



Bass Unlimited.

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